About Us

Westcliff Army & Navy (surplus) Stores was opened in 1950 with the concept of supplying quality goods at a price that could be afforded by the average working man. This was, as now, achieved by shopping around for specials and bulk buying, thus allowing us to give you, our customers, the benefit of any savings we make by passing on our discounts.

Despite the constant expansion of our company, we remain a tight knit family business. This allows us to keeps costs to a bare minimum, ensuring low prices with no compromise on quality or service. As well as this we continuously seek out new products and ranges, aiming to turn stock around as quickly as possible, therefore ensuring the highest quality products at rock bottom prices.

Within our store we hold our large stock of camping equipment and army surplus clothing, both new and second-hand, as well as a comprehensive selection of commercially made military wear and work clothing.

Originally most of our stock was comprised of army surplus, ex-government and military surplus items alongside camping equipment and quality workwear, such as protective clothing, hi-viz clothing, steel toecap boots and overalls. Over the years this has increased to include, amongst others, security clothing, a large selection of work boots and work shoes but also leisure shoes and boots, a range of industrial clothing that caters for most trades.